Saturday, February 12, 2011

New Toys

This post is not about books or publishing. It's about two new toys. One is enabling me to write and post the blog: we have incorporated Wordpress into the namelos website. Previously in order to post a blog I needed to open the webpage in DreamWeaver and muddle through the HTML code, cutting and pasting. I was always afraid that I'd muck something up and crash the site. It took considerable effort and effectively squashed any enthusiasm I had for blogging. Now, however, I can type and click away, using the Wordpress toolbar, which is intuitive, easy, and fun. This may make me a more frequent blogger, if not a better one. You get to judge.

The other toy is a Canon PowerShot SX30 IS, a higher-end point-and-shoot than the Olympus X-845 I used to use. There is an old pear tree about 25 feet in back of my office and I can look at it while I'm sitting at my desk. I've festooned the tree with suet feeders to entice whatever birds are in the area and every day I spend a lot of time watching them flock to the tree. I felt a compelling need to take pictures, although I'm neither a photographer nor a bird watcher. I just happen to watch birds and have a camera. Anyway, here's a picture taken with my old Olympus.

That's a crow at the bottom of the tree.

Here are a few pictures taken with the Canon.

I'm likely to blog more often and I'll definitely be sharing more photos of the pear tree and its visitors.


  1. Wow!Those photos made me want to be a birdwatcher and a photographer!

  2. I love taking (and looking at) photos of birds. You and your camera do so much better than I can with my Canon SLR! Looking forward to more photos and blogs!

  3. Gorgeous photos, Stephen. I particularly like the titmouse shot, so sweet. We get similar visitors to our feeders. We like to watch them eat their meals while we eat ours--particularly the finches, who turn upside down.


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